New planning applications

22/02591/ADV for Somerset County Council at Somerton Road roundabout for No.4 roundabout advertisement / sponsorship signs - chevrons with directional signs and downlighters.  Raised grass centre inner, with block paving outer 

22/02594/ADV for Somerset County Council at Church Street / Yeovil road roundabout  for No. 3 roundabout advertisement / sponsorship signs / Chevrons with directional signs and downlighters, grassed and landscaped

22/02251/FUL at Three Acres, Limington Road for change of use of land and buildings to provide canine daycare  facility, erection of fencing and enlargement of hardstanding (retrospective application) - adjacent Parish

22/02199/FUL at New Spittles Farm for the construction of an agricultural building to be used to house dairy cows 

22/02200/FUL at New Spittles Farm for the construction of an agricultural building to house a proportion of the milking cows within the herd at this farm, in a loose yard based system 

22/02202/FUL at Spittles Farm, Old A.303 road for the construction of an agricultural building to be used to store straw and general agricultural commodities  

22/02201/FUL at New Spittles Farm, for the construction of an extension to an existing agricultural building

22/02158/FUL at the Coach House, West Street for the erection of PV system with non - invasive ballasted foundations to generate carbon free electricity on non intrusive foundations 

Application for a Pavement Licence from the Dolphin Inn for a picnic bench - noted

Application 22/02054/FUL at 13 -25 and 24-46 Eagle Close for the installation of external wall insulation to external walls and re-roofing work as part of the thermal upgrade programme to service family accommodation  

Applications SCC/3972 at the Somerton Road Roundabout B.3151 & SCC/3975/2022 at the Church Street Roundabout, Ilchester, for x 3 roundabout advertisement / sponsorship signs.  The facia of each sign measures 500 x 1000 mm with depth of 2 mm, installed at a height of 260 mm from the ground to the base.  The sign will be mounted onto two galvanised tubular posts, height 885 mm (above ground 760 mm, below ground 125 mm) x 60 mm diameter, fixing: two clips per post.  The signs are made of road traffic grade recycled material composite.  There will be only one advertiser per roundabout and each sign will be identical, displaying their company branding above message reading 'Somerset County Council supporting local businesses' .  Advertising on a roundabout is taken up on a minimum one - year contract and the message will remain constant during this time.  All designs will be approved by Somerset County Council prior going into production - no decision

 Application 22/00918/HOU at 12, Church Street to demolish stone & tile kitchen extension and modern concrete block boiler room.  Erection of a single storey rear extension.  Carry out minor internal alterations -granted

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