Activities & Projects

The activities of the Parish Council consist mostly of fairly mundane discussions at our monthly meetings about the incompatibility of canine waste and pedestrian areas, grass-cutting, overhanging bushes, flood prevention and litter, amongst other things. The outcome of these discussions is either making sure that our regular contractors know what needs to be done, or informing higher authorities such as South Somerset District Council,the County Council and the Environment Agency of what needs to be done.

Occasionally, though, the Parish Council will undertake specific projects to improve the environment or quality of life in Ilchester. These projects need dedicated funding for which we pursue all likely external agencies for grant aid before we dip into our parish funds. You will find on this page details of all the special projects the Council is planning or has in hand.

23 March 2010 - we have succeeded in getting agreement from County Highways for the Mead Road to be restricted to 30mph, and County Councillor Sam Crabb has agreed to find funding for the majority of the installation of the signs. It is alleged that Highways said they couldn't see the point, but what do they know. PCSO Jan Sparkes was delighted. It will help the police to clearly define that an offence has been committed. And, just maybe, the 30mph signs might be a bit of a deterrent. Unfortunately, it is likely to take a few months to sort out the paperwork and to fit the work into Highways work plans. We will keep you posted......