Here in Ilchester we are lucky to have a field of 32 allotment plots which are organised and managed by the Parish Council. The allotments are located in Pillbridge Lane in the corner made by the slip road from the A303. They are currently all in use, and we have a waiting list of two or three people, but don't let that put you off if you want one! A few of them are leased by service personnel, so these inevitably come on the market from time to time as tour duties or new postings occur. If you want to be put on the waiting list, call Harold on 01935 840177, but the list is only open to residents of Ilchester parish.

The plan is a little out of date: there are now 4 cisterns providing mains water to the site, with another planned near plot 14. At one time, each plot had a well, but 'health & safety' forced us to fill them in. The cisterns have been put in by our man on the site Roger Collins, who also looks after the common areas and is always happy to help his fellow allotment holders - to the extent that his greenhouse is still waiting to be put up after at least 5 years lying in a tangled heap. And what he doesn't know about growing veggies isn't worth knowing.