Future Development

As the country’s population rises over the next 15 years or so, local authorities are being asked to come up with long-term plans for housing development. South Somerset District Council is holding discussions with all town and parish councils in the area to see what is best for each individual community.

Via the website, the Parish Council asked for local residents' opinions, and while the response has not been overwhelming, the majority of those of you who did email us were definitely against any major housing development in Ilchester. In fact, there was only one person who thought that the building of up to 150 new houses on the old Fosse Way would be a good idea.

Although we asked for positive helpful contributions, most responses were along the lines of "there's already too much traffic", "the school can't take any more", "parking's a nightmare already", "the surgery can't handle any more", etc. What we were looking for was comments such as "a new road to the east would have to be built, and the Fosse blocked off", "new permanent classrooms must be built, with more play/sports areas, and a swimming pool", "a new medical centre like at Queen Camel", but very few ideas came through.

The village of Ilchester forms part of South Somerset District Council's area of responsibility and accordingly the current Local Plan identifies the need for continued development of up to 150 houses. The planning application below, has been made and currently is the focus of the Parish Council's attention to ensure that all objections to the development are constructively tabled with a view to ensuring the best outcome for the Village.

Further updates will be posted on this page as they develop.

Public Meeting - Monday 26th January 2015 at 7pm

A presentation by Pegasus, agents representing the landowners, regarding the Planning Application 15/00024/OUT for the erection of 150 dwellings, site access, provision of associated landscaping and open spaces/play facilities at the Northern edge of Ilchester village took place in the Town Hall, Ilchester. A summary of public questions tabled at this meeting and the response can be viewed by clicking on Public Q&A.

After consideration and consultation, the Parish Council have responded to the SSDC with a letter outlining all relevant concerns relating to the planning application, this is the first formal response which will form part of the consultation process. The letter can be viewed by clicking on Ilchester PC Letter to SSDC 13/2/15 (PDF)

To view the planning application please go to the SSDC planning site at: